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06-11-2012, 10:30 AM
I recently had a Paypal chargeback for an item I shipped a year ago and Paypal in their claim process asked me to provide tracking information, in this case Delivery Confirmation which I did. However since the item was mailed a year ago the USPS doesn't keep DC information in their system past 180 days Paypal ruled against me because "I didn't provide valid tracking info".

I did some research and learned that while the USPS doesn't keep the info past 180 days, Pitney-Bowes says it keeps the results for 13 months. Since I use Stamps or perhaps at that time it was Endicia the PB info wasn't going to apply to me. Since I switched to stamps my Endicia account was closed and of no help either even if they had that info.

My last option to get the DC info was MyShiprush, but I was only able to see shipments for the past month and nothing before that and certainly not a year ago. And MSR would only have that useless year old DC number anyway.

If Shiprush truly wants MyShiprush to provide the most benefit to users then it needs to contain the DC/tracking results in a form acceptable to Paypal and others not just the DC number which after 180 days is no longer valid. If PB can keep the results for 13 months then MSR should also be able to do that. This is where the value is, at least in my case.

Finally after speaking to a Paypal supervisor I was able to get them to see the folly of this matter and the supervisor said PP will credit me the funds taken and implement a policy for this scenario in the future.

06-11-2012, 01:16 PM
Thank you for the detailed post!

We will see what we can do in this regard.