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07-29-2005, 08:50 AM
ShipRush FedEx Version 4 will not recognize international shipments in our Quickbooks Pro 2002 sales receipts and invoices, but it does recognize domestic shipments.

This is what we did:
1. Open Sales Receipt or Invoice
2. Double click on ShipRush FedEx V4
3. Click on ShipRush Icon
4. Get Error: No address ifnormation available. Please check the adddress.

Here is the address we are trying to ship to:
Mr. Johnson
81 Allen Street
Sydney 2040

I checked the fields and the name, Street, City, Zip, and Country, are all in the correct fields. A lot of international addresses do not have a state. I tried putting a "." in the "state" field, but that didn't help. I tried another address to Iceland and it didn't work either. Some international addresses don't have postal/zip codes.

We are only using ShipRush FedEx V4 for international shipments. What should we do?


07-29-2005, 09:02 AM
From a ShipRush FAQ regarding QuickBooks and INTL shipping:

I'm trying to do an International shipment in QuickBooks and it's not pulling the address correctly.

A. At this time ShipRush can only grab U.S. formatted mailing addresses from QuickBooks. If you are trying to ship to Canada, you may need to remove the space in the postal code for ShipRush to work.

If doing any other type of shipment, the only suggestion at this time is to "trick" ShipRush into thinking it's a U.S. address, or open a different invoice with an U.S. address and then copy\paste the data from the contact with the international address, or choose Blank Shipment from the menu and copy\paste your data in.