View Full Version : Voiding Shipments

09-15-2005, 08:44 AM
I am running into a problem deleting shipments that I've processed approx 2 weeks ago but that were never actually shipped. When I go to "View Shipments" and try to delete the shipment, I get an error message reading " Error 190102 This shipment is not yet available for deletion/void. Please try to void later"

Is there anyway to void these shipments out?

09-15-2005, 08:54 AM
After that much time, you may want to contact UPS to see if you've been billed. Jobs can only be voided\deleted that were recent.


09-15-2005, 08:58 AM
Thanks for the quick reply.

How recent does the deletion need to happen in order for it to go through? UPS mentioned that I should be able to go back and delete anything that was processed within a month... but they might have been talking about worldship?

09-15-2005, 09:10 AM
My guess is a week or newer.


09-15-2005, 07:51 PM
Within the software, you can only delete within a day or two. After that, there is a place at ups.com (I do not know where, exactly, but if it is not find-able ask 800-PICK-UPS to tell you where). At this web page you can request a void and enter the track #