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09-04-2015, 09:23 AM
I just got a call from my FedEx account manager telling me that FedEx will be ending the free 12 month promotional ShipRush solution with Zfirm.

These changes are really challenging my patience, Endicia-Stamps-Endicia, now no FedEx!! :(

What do we do now? Will ZF charge us to use SR with FedEx like they do with UPS?

Please explain what is going to happen so we users can prepare and not disrupt our business. Thank you.

09-04-2015, 10:19 AM
This note is to sort out some confusion.

Quick Facts:

ShipRush is ending FedEx support? No

FedEx is ending ShipRush support? No

You need to switch to another shipping system? No

(ShipRush FedEx Ecommerce users) You can keep getting FREE ShipRush in 2016? Yes

What is going on?

An incomplete email was sent out by FedEx corporate. It was sent to many reps within FedEx, and also to some FedEx shippers. Because it is incomplete, it is often misunderstood.

Example: It seems to say shippers need to stop using ShipRush, switch to another solution, or that ShipRush will be paid starting in 2016.

None of that is the case.

First, if you already use a paid version of ShipRush, that email does not apply to you at all. (FedEx has contacted many of the wrong ShipRush users. We apologize for the confusion, but it was FedEx, not Z-Firm that made this mistake.)

If you use the free ShipRush FedEx for Ecommerce, you can continue to enjoy free ShipRush in 2016 (and we are working on extending the free offer further into the future!).

Further, there is the all new ShipRush Web available to you at no charge.

ShipRush FedEx for Ecommerce continues to be available at no charge to all FedEx shippers, and new FedEx customers through at least July, 2016.

Additionally, ShipRush Web, the all-new browser based version of ShipRush for Windows, Mac OSX, tablets and phones, is available now for current and new U.S. FedEx shippers at no charge at least through July, 2016.

ShipRush is a Gold Level FedEx Compatible Partner. We have collaborated closely with FedEx since 1999. The ShipRush team remains committed to you.

Please call and email the ShipRush team as you always have. Support for FedEx shippers is not changing.

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