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09-30-2005, 03:59 PM
Anyone find a way around "unable to process end of day" because of "shipments on inactive account?

We competely uninstalled the software, killed the remnant registry trail in HKEY_Local_Machine, and reinstalled fresh with our UPS account.

Prior to the reinstall, we had been set up incorrectly with the same UPS account listed twice in the tree view in the left pane. One of the accounts was active, one was not.

After blowing away the system, and starting fresh, one would think it would forget our prior sins--not the case. We tried a shipment of one item and it gave the error (The words of the error contain our shipper number and a count of how many items are in trouble. We found this out be relating it back to the error log). The error had 1 listed as bad.

Fealing brave, I went into SQL and killed the one item out of the Shipping, Package, and Address table. This removed the item from the View Shipments. It also allowed the system to ponder longer on closing out our day. But alas, now the system shows 69 errors relating to having an inactive account.

By the way, the account is not inactive. We have the "Y" on the left hand side of the screen. We don't have a "Y" for online transactions though. Since this is day two of going live with Great Plains and Ship Rush, I don't know if this is a valid setup or not.

Does anyone have any clues? My Great Plains implementor is going to blow away Ship Rush again in the hopes that it will work on Monday.

10-03-2005, 08:38 AM
Wow, you certainly have been brave!

Editing the SQL tables directly is NOT advised (and frankly is never done in the real world. Even here in ZF Tech Support, we have to do a direct SQL edit only once or twice a year).

To the questions.

Is this a stock 'ShipRush for Great Plains' system or is it a custom ShipRush SDK based integration?

You are installing ShipRush v3 Pro build 664, yes?
Check Help | About. You want to be on 664 and nothing earlier. (This is important.)

Now, to back up:

On a new install:

When you go through the setup wiz, you have one UPS account in the system. At this point, you can process shipments just on this one account and all really should be well (process one shipment then upload and all should be fine).

Now when you go into Settings and start adding/modifying account info there, it can get interesting fast if any missteps are made.

A phone call with Z-Firm support may be the best bet here (esp as your system was working fine before this, right?)