View Full Version : Ebay tracking not populating

12-27-2017, 01:38 PM
Just noticed we are showing some intermittent orders on Ebay where the item is showing "shipped", but no tracking number is showing up on the order details after shipping on ShipRush Web. I'm seeing about 13 orders with no tracking in my "Paid and shipped" section of Ebay, going back to Dec 18 (stopped looking after that, there may be more). In all the cases, if I try to manually add the tracking number to the order that I'm showing in Shiprush, Ebay shows an error of "The tracking number is already associated with a different transaction." I've checked, and it's not on any other transaction that I can see.

It's like it sent the tracking number, but didn't populate on the order details for some reason.

Anyone else seen this issue, or is this a known defect?


12-27-2017, 02:30 PM
The issue is due to a conflict between eBay and the post office and how they recycle tracking #s.

eBay has a rule in place that will not allow the same tracking # to be used to update an order within 6 months. The issue is, USPS may recycle tracking #s sooner than that. That is the case here. We opened a ticket with eBay, and they were not going to change their internal rule for this.

I've made an adjustment on your account so that a different "stack" of tracking #s is used. This will solve for now, but the issue might arise again if the USPS releases a set of tracking to be used again sooner than 6 months.


12-28-2017, 05:20 AM
So I should probably bring this issue up with both Ebay and USPS so they can come up with a solution. The issue for sellers is that this will likely affect the seller's order defect rate on performance metrics. Sellers using ShipRush should, theory, have about a 100% tracking number upload rate, since it's all automated. Checking our metrics, we're sitting at 96.67% due to this issue.

I will advise Ebay so they can fix our defect rate (since it's their fault for not accepting a valid tracking number), and let the USPS know how their recycling method may be causing issues on Ebay. I'd advise other sellers to check your tracking uploads as well, and contact Ebay and USPS. Maybe that'll get them to resolve this sooner, rather than later.