View Full Version : Looking for the API Docs

03-21-2019, 09:48 AM
I was speaking to Alexander C. via chat on https://shiprush.com website.

Basically what I was asking is, if I can use ShipRush API to Push sales / order / shipment data. I was given options to upload using Excel and Add Manual Shipment option on the website, however could not make sense if API had an option for that.

When I requested documents for the API so I can review it. He said I can find them by asking on this forum or by contacting sales.

Considering it's 2019 and most api docs are readily available on most services, I found this odd. However I do need that answer, so I am hoping someone here can help me figure this out, Fedex dev team recommended you guys.

So far my experience is purely based on interacting with Alexander and he left me bewildered.


03-21-2019, 11:25 AM
We do not make our API docs public. Please send an email into support at shiprush dot com. Please include your name and phone # and I'll have someone from Sales reach out to you directly to discuss the API in more detail.

Thank you,