View Full Version : Using Web Shipping Javascript SDK by ShipRush recently not behaving with buttons.

Pat Gibson
06-06-2019, 04:31 AM
When using the Web Shipping Javascript SDK the Ship Rush initial screen displays fine. If you press the Settings button (lower left) the page with display refused to connect:

If you right mouse click and select a new tab then it will display.

This does not occur if you go to ShipRush directly (without the SDK). What has changed recently (the last two weeks) to cause this to stop working?

I have a couple of upset customers since ShipRush support is pointing fingers at my customization. I have no control over this behavior and my product hasn't changed since Jan. 2018.

06-06-2019, 06:17 AM
Can you send me your code that you use for the button? It would appear that there might be something in the code that is calling out the sandbox environment. You can send to support at shiprush dot com

Thank you,

Pat Gibson
06-06-2019, 06:33 AM
My code. This is ShipRush's page, not mine.


06-06-2019, 06:38 AM
OK...you said you're using the js....so are you using the js to call up the Shipping screen you provided above......or using the js in some other method?

And, your customers are on our production environment, correct? Just want to make sure I'm following properly

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Pat Gibson
06-06-2019, 06:49 AM
Calling based upon your SDK: https://my.shiprush.com/pages.aspx?articleUrl=jsapi&tag=jsapiBBL-PRIVATE

Both Sandbox and Production have this issue.

Called using my code:
IsSandbox: true,
Shipment: shipment,
UIFeatures: {
HideNavigation: false,HideBackButton: false,WhiteBackground: false,Hide_LeftPanel_Folders: false,Hide_LeftPanel_Settings: false,Hide_LeftPanel_Signout: false,Hide_LeftPanel_Help: false,Hide_RightPanel_Presets: false,Hide_RightPanel_AutomationRules: false,Hide_RightPanel_More: false,Hide_RightPanel_AddressCheck: false,Hide_RightPanel_PostageBalance: false,Hide_RightPanel_Void: false,Hide_RightPanel_PackingList: false,Hide_RightPanel_Rate: false,Hide_RightPanel_NewShipment: false,
OnShipmentCompleted: function (data) {
$('#TrackingNumber').val(data.Shipment.TrackingNum ber);
$('#PostalCode').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.PostalCo de);
$('#CarrierTypeName').val(data.Shipment.CarrierTyp eName);
$('#ServiceTypeName').val(data.Shipment.ServiceTyp eName);
// Return "true" to close shipping form

// alert("SHIPPED");
return true;
OnClose: function () {
// alert("CLOSE");
return true;
OnAction: function (event_name, data) {
//if (event_name == "save") {
// $('#ShipDate').val(data.Shipment.ShipDate);
// $('#TrackingNumber').val(data.Shipment.TrackingNum ber);
// $('#ShipmentId').val(data.Shipment.ShipmentId);
// $('#Company').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.Company);
// $('#Name').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.Name);
// $('#Address1').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.Address1);
// $('#Address2').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.Address2);
// $('#City').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.City);
// $('#State').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.State);
// $('#PostalCode').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.PostalCo de);
// $('#Country').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.Country);
// $('#Phone').val(data.Shipment.ShipTo.Phone);
// $('#CarrierTypeName').val(data.Shipment.CarrierTyp eName);
// $('#ServiceTypeName').val(data.Shipment.ServiceTyp eName);
// // Return "true" to close shipping form
// $('#ShippingComplete').val('saved');

// SaveShipping(data.Shipment);
// return true;
// alert("EVENT: " + event_name + ", SHIPMENTID: " + data.Shipment.ShipmentId);
// Handle void here.


06-06-2019, 07:48 AM
Interesting. I see it from sandbox, but cannot replicate from production. We will review further and see if we can replicate on production as well. Case 74265. If we have any additional questions, we will follow up with you here.

Thank you,

06-19-2019, 10:06 AM
We enhanced the code for the issue we saw in sandbox. Please let us know if issue persists in sandbox or production now.

Thank you,