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08-16-2019, 10:04 AM
I am having trouble populating some information when opening the ShipRush app. Only the payment type and account number seems to be filled. It's not working on the javascript playroom either. When the carrier is set to FedEx, the company is not filled and when set to UPS, the zip and country are not filled (country stays at US). See below the code used in the playroom.

var shipment = {
ShipTo : {
Name: "John Smith",
Company: "Acme Widgets",
Address1: "5th ave S",
Address2: "#101",
City: "Seattle",
State: "WA",
PostalCode: "98118",
Country: "US",
Phone: "(206)332-2233"
PaymentType: 'ThirdParty',
PaymentAccountNumber: '555-5555',
PaymentCompanyName: 'company',
PaymentCountry: 'CA',
PaymentPostalCode: '48202',
CarrierTypeName: "Fedex",
ServiceTypeName: "Ground",
Packages: [{
Weight: "2"

Shipment: shipment,
OnShipmentCompleted: function (data) {
// Return "true" to close shipping form
return true;

Edit: I said problems populating some information, but I meant to say some payment fields. I haven't had any trouble with any other fields.

08-16-2019, 12:53 PM
I have submitted this to development for additional review. Case 75158. We will update this thread when more information is available.

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08-19-2019, 11:12 AM
Update on this....

New code snippet example:

"ShipTo": {
"Name": "John Smith",
"Company": "Acme Widgets",
"Address1": "5th ave S",
"Address2": "#101",
"City": "Seattle",
"State": "WA",
"PostalCode": "98118",
"Country": "US",
"Phone": "(206)332-2233"
"ThirdPartyAddress": {
"Company": "Third Party Company Name",
"PostalCode": "98118",
"Country": "US",
"CountryName": "U.S.A."

"PaymentType": "ThirdParty",
"PaymentAccountNumber": "555-5555",
"CarrierTypeName": "Fedex",
"ServiceTypeName": "Ground",
"Packages": [
"Weight": "2"

I'm working with our team to get our documentation updated with this as well


08-20-2019, 06:03 AM
That did the trick. Thanks for the update.