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winston wolf
11-08-2005, 09:41 PM
I have been making an honest effort to integrate this program into our shipping. However, we get it working then then we start getting the error message telling us the Quick books templates must be modified :mad: . The only way we can get it back up is to reboot the system. We want to use the program so we are more efficient and accurate in our shipping.

The computer is a fresh install of Win 2000
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11-09-2005, 06:29 AM
Suggestion would be:
Log into ShipRush in Single User Mode as the Admin
Go into Edit | Preferences | Integrated Applications | Company Profile tab
Delete all instances of ShipRush listed
Close the Preferences window

Launch ShipRush
Settings | Program Settings | CM Settings
Set to Use QuickBooks Customer List (for now)
Process at least two shipments with ShipRush (test ones are fine, delete after)
Acknowledge any prompt from QuickBooks to allow integration

At this point you can change your setting back to how you had it in ShipRush, switch to multi-user mode in QuickBooks and test.

If you still get the error:
Running Hybrid? - Make sure to have &3 and &4 set on the template as discussed in the helpfile
Trying to pull an invoice or sale # from QuickBooks? - make sure to have &5 set on that field in QuickBooks.
Also make sure that you have these set on any template you try to ship from.