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11-15-2005, 06:03 AM
I've set up multiple profiles under our 1 fedex account. In a 'network' setting.
Is there a way to show the name of the person on the pull down box on the shipping form?
I'd also like each user to be able to set his/her profile as the default on their pc. What's happening is when someone sets their profile as default it sets everyones as default.

Perhaps i need some installation advice.

I'm trying to determine how to best use this in a 10 person network. Is it better to.
A) have the shiprush database on a common server and have the cm settings go to a public 'shipments' task folder on the exchange server
B) Install every shiprush individually as a stand alone and have their cm settings go to the common public 'shipments' task folder on the exchange server.

Aside from this i'll be purchasing a scale to attach to a dedicated computer. Do you think it will be possible for the scale to report the weight via the network connection?

Thanks for you're help. I know there will be some trial and error but i appreciate the help.

11-15-2005, 06:40 AM
For your enviornment, it might be best to install ShipRush local to each PC (own database) and that way you can control the FedEx Account information on each PC. If you set the network installation to a default profile, that will impact all users.

To show the name, you'd probably have to "trick" the information in the Profile, put name in for company, and company in for contact name. That way it will show in the pull down menu.

Scale and networking:
It might work. We will be unable to assist with that type of setup though, as that is beyond our scope.