View Full Version : Set up "Reference 1" field & other questions

04-19-2006, 07:09 AM
We are running the demo version of ShipRush for UPS with Quickbooks 2006. We do not know how to set up the program for automatically filling in the "Reference 1", "Reference 2", & tracking numbers. The only help offered is "Use Alt-5 marked field as first reference number" & "Use Alt-6 marked field as second reference number"
How do we mark these fields?

also "Use hotkey Alt (?) to post tracking number" I assume this involves the same process of "marking" a field.

Next Question. We ship a lot of UPS collect shipments. When we use ShipRush, a red box pops up prompting for the customers UPS account number. We have thes numbers stored in a field in Quickbooks, and they are also stored in our UPS Worldship program. Is there a way for ShipRush to automatically load these UPS account numbers?

Please respond quickly, as without this information, the program is very cumbersome to use, and will not be considered for purchase.

04-19-2006, 07:13 AM
If you want SR to pull information to the reference lines, you would need to indicate on the template in QB where to pull that from. Edit the template and add &5 and &6 to the fields you wish to pull from. If they are missing, ShipRush may generate an error indicating that the template needs to be modified.

To post the tracking # back:
Find a field in the template not used (like Other). Modify in QB to read Tracking # &7. Go into the settings of ShipRush (settings | program settings |cm settings) and enable Use hotkey to post tracking #, and set it to 7. Now ShipRush will post the tracking # back to that field in QB.

No way to import or read that data from QB or WorldShip for account #s.