View Full Version : Endicia Account Balance on multiple workstations

10-06-2006, 03:36 AM
I have two computers with Quickbooks and have updated the second computer to also perform shipping periodically. So far I have only noticed one problem and this has to do with the Enidcia Postage Balance. Here is the situation:

Computer 1 already has ShipRush Endicia installed and has a working balance of $11.15. Computer 2 has a new installation of ShipRush Endicia but shows a current balance of $0. I opened and closed the programs on both computers and rebooted both machines with no change. I used Computer 2 to purchase $10 in postage as a test. When I do this, Computer 2 shows a balance of $21.15 and Computer 1 still shows a balance of $11.15. After this step, I used Computer 1 to purchase $10 postage as a test. When I do this, Computer 1 shows a balance of $31.15 and Computer 2 still shows a balance of $21.15. To "sync" the balances between the two computers/installations a postage balance check should be performed when opening the Endicia Account page OR there could be a "check balance" button of some sort?

Great software, I'm just waiting for the addition of international support for USPS and I'll be recommending Zfirm as the shipping solution of choice to everyone I deal with.

10-06-2006, 05:36 AM
Your balance will sync between the two when you ship something. That is when we call to Endicia and will update your balance.