View Full Version : Limit to length of ShippingTemplate String?

01-12-2007, 10:59 AM
Is there a limit to the length of the shipping template string I can pass to ShipRush or can I not pass one of your templates to ShipRush?

Here's the scenario: I created custom templates I store in a folder named c:\ShipRush\Templates. I have a command button on my Access form that calls ShipRush and passes the carriertype and custom template path and name. This seems to work ok so far.

If there is no custom template stored for the customer, I pass one of your templates from the MENU folder for the appropriate carrier. I store the path and name of your template on my form so it gets passed to ShipRush in the sql statement. When I call this:

"shiprushv4.exe" /Carrier=FedEx /template=C:\Program Files\Z-Firm LLC\ShipRush v4\MENU\MENU_FEDEX\5UPS Ground.FRU

I get the ShipRush search dialog but the ShippingTemplate column only shows the records where I have custom templates. It does not show your template path and name. If I run the sql statement from my application, it returns all the templates from the field I store it in, but ShipRush does not.

So, from the ShipRush Search form, I select the order I want to ship anyway to see what happens, and I end up with a message "(ApplicationEventsMessage) Unable to find shipping template "C:\PROGRAM FILES\Z-FIRM"

Any ideas?

01-14-2007, 08:45 AM
"shiprushv4.exe" /Carrier=FedEx /template=C:\Program Files\Z-Firm LLC\ShipRush v4\MENU\MENU_FEDEX\5UPS Ground.FRU

Note the space in the path name. That /Template= values neds to be quoted....

/Template="<big quoted value>"