View Full Version : How do I export Customer Shipping Information To Excel

09-21-2004, 09:22 AM

I am using SHipRush Pro (For Act) version v3.0.0.281

I need to export all existing record shipping record:
- Name
- Address
- Phone
- City
- State
- Zip
- Country

and maybe other infomation to currently stored in ShipRush in CSV or ODBC type format. I have seen in your online documentation pictures of a "reports" option where it provides an option for "exporting" data as PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.). However, I am trying to find it in my version of ShipRush. I cannot find it in my version of the program.

My questions are:
- Is there an add-on or update to enable this option?
- Do you need a particular product version (i.e., Fedx ) to get it?
- If this option is not available in my version, how can I extract these records from your shiprush database?

Please reply soon as I need to complete this ASAP.


09-21-2004, 09:51 AM
That option does not exist in build 281 for ShipRush UPS v3 Pro.

We are working on an update for ShipRush to be released in the near future (do not have an exact date available).

At this time I do not have a way to export data from the database.