View Full Version : Printing Issues for Beta V.

Mike A.
04-13-2007, 11:02 AM
I don't see any option to print the instructions page in this version of the beta?

Personally, I need these since they serve as hard copies of the tracking numbers and having this has come in handy many times in the past when there are problems on the electronic side (e.g., notification e-mails don't always work, disks fail, etc.). Also, the hard copies are useful for record purposes. For example, you can have them cancelled at the Post Office counter at the time the pacakge is accepted as proof of mailing and these have been accepted by various credit card companies in chargeback cases where they would not accept only the e-mailed version since it does not show any acceptance by the Post Office, only that you generated the label.

Previously, before the instructions were deleted, I was going to mention that there should be an option to print the label and instructions on a single sheet to save labels (since I also don't see any way to select which tray labels versus plain paper are pulled from).

Again, kind of a moot point now without the option to print the instructions, but the test label doesn't match the output that comes when printing a typical non-express label so it's not really of much use for aligning things.