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05-08-2007, 06:24 PM

Okay, apparently I can't use my Endicia account and I had to create another one.

When will Shiprush and Endicia allow for international shipping? I'll be a customer then since that's what I need.

I registered for a Endicia account and downloaded the Z-Firm software. I'm not having any luck getting the software to work. Shiprish pops up this error:

Endicia server returned error: Account #612991 is not authorized for this service. [2001].

What do I need to do to be authorized? I registered as a standard account (which didn't work) and then to a premium (which didn't work)


Does Endicia / Shiprush support international shipping now?

05-09-2007, 05:09 AM
You need to create the Endicia account during setup of ShipRush:

If you have an account entered, go into settings and delete the account and follow the wizard to setup an account from within ShipRush.

At this time, INTL shipping is not supported in ShipRush for Endicia. We are working on that. No ETA as to when that will be available though.


05-09-2007, 09:17 AM
If you have an Endicia account (e.g. for Dazzle, or some other Endicia service), you can combine the accounts (which saves $$)

From the FAQ (http://zfirm.com/products/shiprush_endicia_faq.shtml):

I already use Dazzle. Can I use that account with ShipRush?

Not directly, but close! ShipRush requires a 'ShipRush-ready'
Endicia account. (A single 'ShipRush-ready' account can service
all the PC's in your office.) Endicia will allow you to pay just the
ShipRush account fee to cover both your Dazzle and your ShipRush
accounts. So while it will cost a bit more than Dazzle by itself,
you need not pay two fees. After you create your ShipRush-ready
Endicia account in the ShipRush Wizard, simply send an email to
labelserver@endicia.com with both your Dazzle and ShipRush
account numbers. Request that they combine the billing.