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06-04-2004, 07:19 AM
A customer has forwarded this email to me and I am posting on his behalf.

I received an urgent email from Z-Firm in February 2004 notifiying me that I needed to update my ShipRush Pro V3 for UPS if the build was earlier than 239. If the build was 239 or later, the upgrade was optional. I had build 239 (see Starting Version) and wanted to update to the current build.

After downloading and installing the new verision (See Updated Version), I get an error message (See Error Message) every time I try to use ShipRush now.

I have gone to Company Preferences for Integrated Applications and the approval for ShipRush is already allowed (See Integrated Application Settings).

Will you please post this on the forum or have someone respond to me directly.

Also, I have still not received any confirmation of my forum registration.

06-04-2004, 07:51 AM
No information about the error, so I will have to guess what it is.

Error message about not being an integrated application, am I warm?

There was a change in the settings for ShipRush with QuickBooks. Please refer to the detailed information in the helpfile on getting ShipRush configured for use with QuickBooks.

You may need to go back into Settings | Program Settings CM Settings in
ShipRush UPS v3 and re-configure the QuickBooks params for your own setup
and use. Some common settings would be:

QB 2002 - 2004 Pro Premier etc
Customer List
- Used for those environments where you have NOT modified your
Invoice or Sales receipt
&3 and &4 on the Bill To and Ship To

QB 2002 - 2004 Pro Premier etc
Use Invoice / Sales Order / Sales Receipt (Hybrid)
- Used for those environments where you HAVE added the &3 and &4 to
the template

Also make sure that you check to see if you have &5 set and turn it on or
off in the ShipRush settings accordingly.

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