View Full Version : Problem Adding Fairbanks Scale to Shiprush Fedex

02-08-2005, 02:10 PM
What are the data, bits, parity, mode, etc settings for a fairbanks 70-2453?

I'm using

I know the COM port is working.

I saw on another post that a serial to USB cable did the trick. Is this a viable workaround?

02-08-2005, 02:35 PM
They should be set for you already in ShipRush.

If you go into Settings | Defaults | Enable "Use Scales" there is a settings section.
Set the Scale Type, port, and under the advanced tab that information should already be populated.

They switched to a COM port from a USB. ShipRush at this time only looks at COM ports for scales.


02-08-2005, 02:41 PM
Yeah, but I was a bad boy and switched some things to try to get it to recognize. I think it was 7,2,odd which I've never seen before.

When I try COM 1,2, and 4 I get an immediate "cannot connect"

When I try COM3 it thinks about it for a few seconds first, then rejects me.

02-08-2005, 02:51 PM
In that case:

Baud: 9600
Data Bits: 7
Stop Bits: 2
Parity: Odd
Command: <CR>


02-09-2005, 05:24 AM
Ok, still getting a "connection error." Are the setting in device manager for the com port supposed to be changed to 7,2,odd? Well I tried it and it still didn't work.

Got the scale off ebay and it was apparently tested by the dude who sells a lot of these used scales. Do you have an idea how I can check if the serial cable on the scale is working properly?

Any other pieces of advice?

02-09-2005, 05:25 AM
Oh, would there be any advantage to getting an external serial pci card?

02-09-2005, 07:02 AM
Now I have put a pci card with serial ports connections. Now I've gone from "error connecting to scale" to "Error communicating with the scale." Does this mean it is now at least seeing the scale?

02-09-2005, 07:19 AM
It may mean it's trying.

You may need to check your hardware on the PC. Possibly the COM port is not enabled correctly. I do not have information about the scale.


02-09-2005, 07:37 AM
I have checked over the PC hardware extensively, checking for IRQ conflicts (none) and settings. Does the Serial port in device manager need to have the same 7,2,odd settings as the setup within shiprush?

02-09-2005, 08:01 AM
No it shouldn't. Shouldn't need to change anything in the port settings on the PC to get this to work.

It is a plug and detect operation (for the most part). To see if the scale is working, you may want to install ShipRush FedEx on another PC (in demo mode to test), plug the scale into the COM port, and see if ShipRush detects and recognizes.

That way you know that the scale functions, and that SR really can see it on a PC. If that works, then it is environmental and specific to the other PC in question.


02-09-2005, 11:55 AM
Good call. In the end I ended up changing the IRQ in the BIOS from 4 to 3. Don't know why it worked, but it did. I didn't see 4 being used for anything else.