View Full Version : Adding a Custom Store (not php)

04-16-2010, 12:58 PM
I must say I really like the myshiprush site.

However, along with these popular PHP carts, would it be possible to add a store that is not made in PHP? Maybe .net or even classic asp?

I think you guys should make a module for myshiprush that takes in sql queries just like Shiprush SQL/ADO. That way we can have 2 queries to enter. 1 to gather the orders from a sql table, and the other to update the status and tracking number back.

Just like shiprush sql/ado, but web based.

Is this doable? This will help alot of people I think. I know it will help us out, because we have a site that runs a custom asp cart, another that runs a custom php cart, amazon store, buy.com store. It would be great to aggregate all the shipping into one place like my.shiprush.com

04-16-2010, 03:01 PM
Yes, you can implement non-php custom stores today, but you have to "do the math"

We provide a ready-to-use library for php developers. This makes integrating a custom php cart very quick and easy.

You can do any cart type now, but you need to implement the whole My.ShipRush protocol.

The best way to get going on this is to implement the custom php kit we have. Get that working. Then port the code to .asp (or .net, or whatever), and... you are running!