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  1. McCombs Supply Drives Ecommerce Growth with Descartes ShipRush Solution

  2. Amazon Buy Shipping: Issues... yes. Amazon knows

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    This just in from Amazon:

    Dear Seller,

    As you may be aware, Amazon is currently having technical difficulties with the Buy Shipping Service. Please ship your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders outside of Amazon's Buy Shipping service until normal service is resumed. From 2pm Pacific time through the end of the day today, order confirmation feeds will be enabled for your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.

    We will ensure these
  3. All New ShipRush.com Web Site

    The all new www.shiprush.com web site has launched.

    Have a visit and tell us what you think.

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  4. Return Labels in ShipRush: Print em, email em, save em....

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    New in ShipRush: Lots of postal return options!

    Prepaid return labels: You pay for the postage now (whether the label is used or not). Use this when you are certain (or nearly certain) that the label will actually be used.

    Pay on use: These labels you just hand out, like candy. You only pay for the labels that are actually used to return something to you. (More info)

    In all the above cases, the customer/buyer
  5. Drupal Commerce now supported in ShipRush

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    Drupal Commerce is now supported in ShipRush.

    Drupal Commerce users get ShipRush free of charge for FedEx shipping. For postal shipping, choose between free ShipRush USPS (add postage yourself, appropriate for shippers who do less than five labels a day) and ShipRush for Stamps.com (free trial for first 60 days, then $29.95/month).

    Download ShipRush:

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