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  1. What I Learned From A User: Fonts!

    A great thing about working with shippers is that the teach me things. And sometimes small things... aren't really so small.

    Like font size.

    In ShipRush v9, we rolled out an all new Order Manager GUI. We think it is pretty great.

    At least our designer thought so.

    Actually, I also thought so.

    I still think so, even when a user said to me, "You changed the font and it's hard to read."

    Point to the user. Point ...
  2. Backwards Compatibility Religion, Microsoft, Printing, and You

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    Techie alert: This article is %100 technical plumbing talk. If you are just interested in ShipRush, skip this one.

    A fun part of tech is discovery. Every day brings new technologies, approaches, algorithms, and ways to mesh technology with our human needs. Most days, I learn several new things. (Yet! After working with computers since childhood in the 70’s).

    Discoveries put a smile on my face. At the end of the day, the ...

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    Software Development & Technology