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  1. McCombs Supply Drives Ecommerce Growth with Descartes ShipRush Solution

  2. Amazon Buy Shipping: Issues... yes. Amazon knows

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    This just in from Amazon:

    Dear Seller,

    As you may be aware, Amazon is currently having technical difficulties with the Buy Shipping Service. Please ship your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders outside of Amazon's Buy Shipping service until normal service is resumed. From 2pm Pacific time through the end of the day today, order confirmation feeds will be enabled for your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.

    We will ensure these
  3. Sell on Amazon? Did you downgrade your account to Individual Seller?

    You may receive an email from Amazon that says something like this:

    Beginning February 10, 2017, we will no longer allow access to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) API for accounts that do not meet MWS eligibility requirements

    This means that you probably downgraded your account at some point from the Professional Seller plan.

    Amazon requires, for all systems that integrate with Amazon, that integration is only possible if the Amazon plan is on
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  4. Using WordPress, CS-Cart, Magento, Zen Cart X-Cart or other PHP cart? CRITICAL ISSUE

    This is a red alert.

    This is not a test.

    ** If you updated PHPMailer when this issue first surfaced, on or prior to December 29, you may need to update again, as PHPMailer was last updated, with a critical fix, on December 29, 2016. The version required is 5.2.21 or higher.

    A commonly used part of the PHP world was found to have a critical security flaw. This component, PHPMailer, is used in millions of web sites based on PHP, including WordPress, Zen

    Updated 12-30-2016 at 08:21 AM by Rafael Zimberoff

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  5. Import into QuickBooks and Xero from ShipRush

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    ShipRush Web and ShipRush Desktop for Ecommerce can now send order data and details into QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

    Videos and more: http://www.jmawebtechnologies.com/pl...tegration-sync

    Thank you for using ShipRush!
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