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  1. FedEx Shipping Rates on eBay Sales: How to do it?

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    Calculating shipping rates is a hassle!

    Well, it can be a hassle. It depends on what you sell.

    Small and light items are easy. Use either a flat rate shipping method or a ground parcel shipping service (like FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery). For parcel shipping, the rate is variable based on distance, but the variability of the rate is low (for example, the shipping cost may only change by %10 or %20 based on distance).
  2. Your Return Address ZIP Code: Does the Postal Service Care ?

    Let's say you live in the 90210 zip (Beverly Hills, lucky you...), but you bring your parcels to the post office in the 90064 (nearby Los Angeles).

    A postal clerk calls you out, saying that you should use the 90064 zip code to bring parcels to their facility.

    A realistic scenario?

    Yes, actually. We have seen it happen a number of times. Usually in rural areas. Some bloggers have noticed it too.

    For parcel volume, the originating post office ...
  3. Honey, Don't Shrink the Labels. Please!

    Pop Quiz: You sell chocolate bars. Each bar weighs 4 oz, and measures 5" tall x 2.5" wide by 1/3" thick.

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    Naturally, you ship them first class. It costs $1.92 (at today's postage rates) for a 4 oz parcel. But hey, these are organic, hand-picked-by-middle-class-farmer, sustainable, eco-friendly cacao beans. Each bar comes in a hand painted wrapper that is a one-off, unique work of art.

    Suitable for framing.

    This is an ...
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