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  1. Yes, Virginia, you sell on eBay? You need ShipRush

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    How do you put $13.15 on a package without ShipRush?

    With postage stamps.

    There are a few layers here, so let's work this all out.

    Without a shipping system like ShipRush, you can spend too much on shipping.

    1. You have to know the postage tables well
    2. It takes time to work out the rate for each shipment
    3. How are you going to easily calculate the zone for the shipment?

    Not to mention

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  2. New! Postal Return Options in ShipRush & Pay On Use Return Labels!

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    Available now in ShipRush v11.

    This is a major new feature for ShipRush: Return shipping options via the Postal Service.

    There are two main types of return labels now in ShipRush:

    • Prepaid return labels: You pay the postage every time the label prints (e.g. essentially all the labels will be used).
    • Pay On Use return label: This is a BRAND NEW concept. Take a moment and think about it. This means you can
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  3. ProStores and Magento Go Shutting Down: Are you ready?

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    ProStores and Magento Go are both shutting down on February 1.

    eBay announced last year that these two systems would be shut down. eBay owns Magento, and acquired ProStores years ago.

    If you have either of these store types in ShipRush, please be sure to delete the web store in the Web Stores tab of My.ShipRush (after you have migrated to another system, of course!).

    Also, you may want to export ...
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  4. Now Available: ShipRush v10.3

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    ShipRush v10.3 is available now.

    The biggest feature for FedEx shippers is the new "auto upgrade service" feature. This lets you set your maximum time in transit, and auto-upgrade the shipping service if the service (Ground, for example) will take too long.

    For example, say you want all shipments delivered in 3 days. You can set the max time in transit as 3 days whenever you ship Ground. And if it will be more than 3 days, to automatically ...
  5. Postage Rates Change this September: Some Up, but... Mostly DOWN

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    Prices usually go up... and they are, but some are going DOWN.

    A few examples (this is all related to Priority Mail, zones 1-8):

    Some retail prices are going up. (If you use ShipRush, you are not paying retail rates!)

    But look what will happen in ShipRush on September 7:

    • The average price for zone 1-8 for 5-10 lbs is going DOWN an average of 7.8%.
    • The average price for zone 1-8 for 10-15lbs is

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