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  1. New! Postal Return Options in ShipRush & Pay On Use Return Labels!

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    Available now in ShipRush v11.

    This is a major new feature for ShipRush: Return shipping options via the Postal Service.

    There are two main types of return labels now in ShipRush:

    • Prepaid return labels: You pay the postage every time the label prints (e.g. essentially all the labels will be used).
    • Pay On Use return label: This is a BRAND NEW concept. Take a moment and think about it. This means you can
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  2. ProStores and Magento Go Shutting Down: Are you ready?

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    ProStores and Magento Go are both shutting down on February 1.

    eBay announced last year that these two systems would be shut down. eBay owns Magento, and acquired ProStores years ago.

    If you have either of these store types in ShipRush, please be sure to delete the web store in the Web Stores tab of My.ShipRush (after you have migrated to another system, of course!).

    Also, you may want to export ...
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  3. CubeCart is now supported in ShipRush

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    CubeCart is now supported in ShipRush.

    CubeCart users get ShipRush free of charge for FedEx shipping. For postal shipping, choose between free ShipRush USPS (add postage yourself, appropriate for shippers who do less than five labels a day) and ShipRush for Stamps.com (free trial for first 60 days, then $29.95/month).

    Download ShipRush:

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  4. Heartbleed, Ecommerce, ShipRush and You

    Even xkcd agrees, Heartbleed isn't funny.

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    The Heartbleed bug is a serious problem on the web right now, affecting most web servers. If you operate a web site, of any kind (ecommerce, blog, etc.) and you have an SSL certificate (e.g. you always or sometimes use "https://" to access the site, not just "http://"), then you need to know about this and make sure you are covered.

    Updated 04-10-2014 at 09:38 AM by Rafael Zimberoff

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  5. WooCommerce now supported in ShipRush

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    Is it possible to avoid saying woo hoo?

    What's in a name, anyway?

    Never mind. Work to do!

    ShipRush users can ship from WooCommerce right now. WooCommerce versions 2.0.2 to 2.1.X are supported.

    For FedEx shippers, ShipRush is %100 free of charge. http://shiprush.com/fedex

    For postal shipping, there is the %100 free ShipRush USPS. For full on postage printing, try the free 60 day trial of

    Updated 04-02-2014 at 12:11 PM by Rafael Zimberoff

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