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ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion

  1. The Stripe Payment system is now supported in ShipRush

    by , 03-15-2016 at 09:23 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    ShipRush and ShipRush Web fully integrate with Stripe.

    If you use Stripe by itself, or behind a web site or other system, you can now ship against the Stripe transactions.

    All the great ShipRush features are there:

    - Cloud Print
    - Full Mac, Tablet & Windows support
    - Batch printing
    - Packing lists
    - Much more

    Get ShipRush at www.shiprush.com

    Happy shipping!
  2. ShipRush Released!

    by , 05-06-2014 at 06:40 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    We released ShipRush v10.2.6.7087 last week. Here are a few of the enhancements and changes:



    Download ShipRush

    Updated 05-06-2014 at 07:10 AM by Vladislaw Poniedelnik

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  3. QuickBooks Online (QBO): Please re authorize ShipRush

    by , 05-01-2014 at 09:31 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    We had to change the access token for ShipRush with QBO.

    Please do this on your web store:

    (This is fast to do.)

    1. Log in at http://my.shiprush.com
    2. Go to tab My Web Stores
    3. Edit the QuickBooks On Line store
    4. Press Edit Web Store Access
    5. Do the login and screens to authorize ShipRush to access your QuickBooks Online account.

    All done!

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  4. ShipRush with Etsy: Tracking Number Movement to Etsy

    by , 07-29-2013 at 09:57 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    ShipRush and My.ShipRush always save the tracking number into Etsy. But until now, Etsy did not have a good place for this tracking number. So ShipRush saved it into Etsy notes.

    Now Etsy allows the tracking number to move into a nice, trackable spot on the receipt that the buyer and seller can see. It also shows the shipment date and carrier. This tracking number is also a link that tracks the shipment.

    ShipRush now automatically ...
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  5. 3dcart is now integrated with ShipRush!

    by , 10-22-2012 at 09:35 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    3dcart users can now use ShipRush for label printing. ShipRush features with 3dcart are listed here: http://www.shiprush.com/Product_Docu...htm#kanchor110

    ShipRush can be downloaded from:

    FREE ShipRush for FedEx: http://fedex.shiprush.com

    USPS shippers:
    -- ShipRush for Stamps.com: http://stamps.shiprush.com (Free 30 day trial, then $29.95/month for unlimited ...
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