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  1. eBay Prostores: How to get ShipRush to work

    by , 09-22-2010 at 10:30 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    Every week or so, I get an email from the team: Do we have Prostores working yet?

    The answer is yes!

    If you use PayPal as the payment system, you can use ShipRush with Prostores right now. The way to do it is simple: Set up ShipRush and choose PayPal. (There are many dozens of stores doing this now.)

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    We are working on a native (direct ) an integration that will work with all payment systems. ...
  2. Zen Cart News

    by , 09-20-2010 at 02:43 PM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    Zen Cart is back now. For a long time, almost nothing happened to the Zen Cart system.

    Now there are a lot of updates.

    The ShipRush readme says these versions are supported:

    Zen Cart: v1.3.9.f, v1.3.9.d, v1.3.8a (on PHP v4.x & v5.x)

    But all the 1.3.9 versions seem to be fine.

    An important new feature is that ShipRush works with the Zen Cart "weights of attributes" feature. (This has been ...
  3. Magento Status and Improvements

    by , 09-14-2010 at 09:33 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    Magento has been pretty exciting this summer, mostly because the and Enterprise 1.8 versions were released with serious bugs in the Magento core.

    Now that and Enterprise 1.9 are released, my life is much better!


    • Don't use or Enterprise 1.8 (they just don't work)
    • Magento item "variations" now really work, and the information goes into Order Manager
    • The order status on Shipped orders
  4. Volusion Related Improvements Available

    by , 09-13-2010 at 10:32 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    My.ShipRush now has some improvements to the Volusion integration. Several areas have been improved, including:
    • (ZF Case 23997) In some cases, shipped orders do not get the shipping carrier set properly
    • (ZF Case 23996) Orders marked as Shipped in Volusion sometimes do not come down into Order Manager as Shipped
    • (ZF Case 23993) Payment status not set properly in order manager for credit card payments

    If you experience ...
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