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ShipRush Product Team

Product management team at ShipRush.

  1. ShipRush SDK Newsletter: Scaling for Throughput, SmartPost...

    This newsletter for all ShipRush developers... SOAP, ActiveX, Browser Plugin, etc. Skip to the news you can use!

    Newly Documented: Scaling ShipRush SOAP for Throughput:

    • Need more labels per minute? Use a free, open source (but easy to use!) load balancer with ShipRush. Click here for the diagram.
    • In our testing, three instances gave 2.25 the throughput of a single instance. (Our benchmark, single system, was running 20 labels/minute for UPS Ground labels,
    ShipRush SDK , ShipRush
  2. Technical Details for QuickBooks Shipping Manager

    We get some questions about the QuickBooks Shipping Manager. This is a spot to collect the information in one place. This relates to FedEx, UPS and the Stamps.com shipping.

    Shipping Manager Settings and Data:

    This data is held in a database and in ini files in this directory:

    Windows Vista / 7 / 8:

    Windows XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Intuit\ShippingManager\ ...

    Updated 10-07-2012 at 03:06 PM by Tamara Ulyanovna

  3. Intuit Shipping Manager: Updated Shipping Manager now in QuickBooks 2010 - R10

    Intuit has released an update to the QuickBooks Shipping Manager. This update brings several improvements to the Shipping Manager including FedEx SmartPost support.

    To use the new shipping manager, you need to be on either:

    - QuickBooks 2011 R3


    - QuickBooks 2010 R10

    In this discussion, we will discuss QuickBooks 2010.

    (If you use QuickBooks 2009 or earlier, please upgrade your QuickBooks before June of ...
  4. The Free ShipRush for eBay, Amazon & Ecommerce is Extended Through 2011

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    The free ShipRush offer is now extended through 2011.

    ShipRush will automatically extend itself.

    If you need the new license code, you can get it on the web page: http://fedex.shiprush.com/ebay
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    ShipRush , Ecommerce
  5. More about Intuit Shipping Manager: New Version 7.5 in QuickBooks 2011

    Last article, I talked about how to check if you have the new Shipping Manager.

    The Shipping Manager in QB 2011-R3 is what we call the "v7.5" Shipping Manager. It is an important upgrade to the Shipping Manager, and is required for FedEx customers and FedEx shipping.

    Here is the list of what is new in this version of Shipping Manager. There are over a hundred small fixes and enhancements. This is just the partial list of the big stuff a customer might need:
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