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  1. When Consumer Electronics Appreciate In Value: What is the message?

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    There has been research and academic discourse on what eBay can teach us about ourselves. I would like to ask: Is eBay a tool for informing us of mistakes in product marketing or development?

    Here is the scenario: A consumer electronics maker, say Dell, makes a product. They make it and (presumably at a profit), they sell it.

    Say they sell a given product for a year and then take it off the market or replace it with a newer (presumably ...
  2. eBay GSP: Global Shipping Platform live in ShipRush!

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    Update: We have added documentation on how GSP works in ShipRush.

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    eBay has a new system for selling internationally, and it rocks.

    Everyone selling on the internet, even if not on eBay, needs to look hard at this important tool for selling internationally. This is the biggest innovation in ecommerce in 2012. eBay calls it Global Shipping Platform, and you want this.

    The problem:

    Updated 09-09-2015 at 07:04 AM by Rafael Zimberoff

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  3. Heartbleed, Ecommerce, ShipRush and You

    Even xkcd agrees, Heartbleed isn't funny.

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    The Heartbleed bug is a serious problem on the web right now, affecting most web servers. If you operate a web site, of any kind (ecommerce, blog, etc.) and you have an SSL certificate (e.g. you always or sometimes use "https://" to access the site, not just "http://"), then you need to know about this and make sure you are covered.

    Updated 04-10-2014 at 09:38 AM by Rafael Zimberoff

    ShipRush , Ecommerce
  4. Miva Merchant: Now supported in ShipRush!

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    Miva Merchant is now supported in ShipRush.

    Miva Merchant users get ShipRush free of charge for FedEx shipping. For postal shipping, choose between free ShipRush USPS (add postage yourself, appropriate for shippers who do less than five labels a day) and ShipRush for Stamps.com (free trial for first 60 days, then $29.95/month).

    Download ShipRush:

  5. SmartPost: Are your labels correct?

    by , 10-06-2014 at 09:26 AM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    If you use FedEx SmartPost, please read this!

    Older shipping systems create a label that will soon be a real problem. Make sure your labels look like the labels on the right, below.

    ShipRush v10.x automatically prints the correct label.

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