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  1. Your Return Address ZIP Code: Does the Postal Service Care ?

    Let's say you live in the 90210 zip (Beverly Hills, lucky you...), but you bring your parcels to the post office in the 90064 (nearby Los Angeles).

    A postal clerk calls you out, saying that you should use the 90064 zip code to bring parcels to their facility.

    A realistic scenario?

    Yes, actually. We have seen it happen a number of times. Usually in rural areas. Some bloggers have noticed it too.

    For parcel volume, the originating post office ...
  2. Honey, Don't Shrink the Labels. Please!

    Pop Quiz: You sell chocolate bars. Each bar weighs 4 oz, and measures 5" tall x 2.5" wide by 1/3" thick.

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    Naturally, you ship them first class. It costs $1.92 (at today's postage rates) for a 4 oz parcel. But hey, these are organic, hand-picked-by-middle-class-farmer, sustainable, eco-friendly cacao beans. Each bar comes in a hand painted wrapper that is a one-off, unique work of art.

    Suitable for framing.

    This is an ...
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