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  1. Your Return Address ZIP Code: Does the Postal Service Care ?

    Let's say you live in the 90210 zip (Beverly Hills, lucky you...), but you bring your parcels to the post office in the 90064 (nearby Los Angeles).

    A postal clerk calls you out, saying that you should use the 90064 zip code to bring parcels to their facility.

    A realistic scenario?

    Yes, actually. We have seen it happen a number of times. Usually in rural areas. Some bloggers have noticed it too.

    For parcel volume, the originating post office ...
  2. How To Set Up FedEx SmartPost

    by , 11-08-2010 at 01:20 PM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    If you do not know about SmartPost yet, visit the SmartPost Web Site: http://www.fedex.com/us/smartpost/

    This is about how to set up SmartPost once you have chosen to use the service.

    First: You must run v7.5 or higher of ShipRush

    Second: Go into Settings to enable SmartPost

    Third: Remember, it can take 1-2 WEEKS for FedEx to turn on the SmartPost rates. So for the first days, you cannot calculate rates ...
  3. Santa says "X-Cart 4.4.0 is now supported," eBay, Some Other Things

    by , 11-29-2010 at 01:32 PM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
    It is official. X-Cart 4.4.0 is supported in ShipRush.

    Other news:

    - eBay has a problem: If two different shipping systems are used, they may not see the "shipped" status from the other shipping system. This is an eBay bug. They announced it, but have not said when it will be fixed.

    - eBay: The problem of sometimes having a different ship-to address on the PayPal system seems to be fixed by eBay and PayPal.

    Hope everyone had good turkey. ...
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  4. FedEx Tracking: Now Built-In to eBay!

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    Sellers frequently ask "where are my FedEx options in the eBay web site?"

    We have great news for you. FedEx and eBay have collaborated to bring built-in FedEx tracking to ebay.com. When you ship with FedEx, your buyers can "click to track" right in ebay.com. Buyers see all the detail, the same as they see for items sent via the Postal Service and UPS.

    Here is the buyer view of bought items. The ones with tracking numbers ...
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  5. Getting Tracking Numbers into PayPal: Now automatic when shipping with ShipRush

    by , 03-10-2011 at 03:35 PM (ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion)
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    PayPal is a good system for payment, but has been hard for shipping integration. We have good news, because there is progress now.

    For items you sell on eBay, and ship with ShipRush, the "shipped" status and tracking number now flow automatically from ShipRush into eBay and into PayPal.

    It is automatic. There is nothing you have to do. Just use ShipRush like you normally do. If you then go into PayPal, you can see that the tracking ...
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