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  • FedEx Shippers: Please upgrade to ShipRush v9.5! (v6.x and v7.0 have been discontinued!)

    If there is any constant in the world of shipping it is change.

    Cliche yet true. FedEx is migrating all shippers to their new servers. That means you should run ShipRush v8 or higher!

    In 2011, FedEx will start phasing out their older servers. That means versions of ShipRush before 7.5 will actually cease functioning. There is still time, but the point is: Plan your migration to v8 or higher!

    You can migrate during 2010 or the first six months of 2011. But get the migration on your schedule. For a per-PC fee, ShipRush support services can help via remote access. If you use a custom integration to ShipRush, please contact your developer to find out which versions of their system can be used with v8.

    Also, note that the ShipRush support team phased out support for v6.x and v7.0.