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  • v7.5 SDK Available: Docs, XSD, Sample Code & More

    Attention SDK developers! The v7.5 SDK is available, and has the most complete documentation yet.

    Over the last year, we have worked hard to "institutionalize" the SDK. This means that the SDK builds automatically with the nightly build, and that we have synchronized the SDK docs with the core of ShipRush itself.

    This means that (in almost all cases!) that the docs are up to date (auto-magically), and available for the picking. It ALSO means that when v8 becomes available, the SDK is automatically there. Voila!

    In the past, assembling and building the SDK was a manual process. This lead to delays, waiting for the engineering team to build the SDK. Now it is automatically built, so it is a lot less hassle internally to get it out to you.

    If you need the v7.5 SDK, just drop an email to info@shiprush.com and request it (your SDK subscription needs to be current).
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    1. Wenthe's Avatar
      Wenthe -
      We are evaluating the SDK. Is it possible to get a copy of the documentation to read through?
    1. SYSOPS's Avatar
      SYSOPS -
      Please contact our Sales Group at 206.812.7874 to discuss the SDK documentation and availability.

      Thank you,