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  • The v8 SDK What is Coming?

    Every time there is a new release of ShipRush, developers (rightly!) worry: Will it break my integration?

    We understand, and we work hard to make the answer "no."

    SOAP Developers

    The big change from v6 to v7 was in the printer control area. The rest of the schema stayed unchanged. But to control printer parameters, there were a number of changes.

    From v7 to v8, the printing area is not changing. There are some new options (for example, ShipRush can now save the label to PDF instead of printing it), but the structure and constants for printing are unchanged.

    We expect you will find the v7 to v8 migration to be smooth.

    Component Developers

    The only change should be the ClassID / GUID of the control. The structure and schema are unchanged.


    We added a few developer-friendly features to v8. Ever hear us say on the forums "Well, dial up the shipment, ship it (to make sure you have it all dialed correctly), then dial it up AGAIN and save to a template (so you can use the template for SOAP, etc.). Well (drum roll please), v8 has a new "Auto save" feature that automatically saves the template every time you ship. There is also an all-new "clone shipment" feature from shipping history.

    Together, these features should help cut the hassle factor quite a bit!