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  1. Can you post this to the forum?
  2. Hello I'm hoping you can help us!

    We are trying to install Shiprush on our shipping computer and we keep getting the following error message below

    Unable to submit transaction to the FedEx server. Please check the internet connection or contact your network administrator. FedEx server: https://gateway.fedex.com:443/GatewayDC, Error: 151: 500 Internal Server Error. Unable to POST to "https://gateway.fedex.com:443/GatewayDC" (Windows)

    I have turned off my Windows firewall (XP) and disabled my Avast virus software but this did not solve the problem. I have set the Z-Firm connection to windows and both tests are successful. We have internet connection on this computer so I am stumped as to what is wrong or what to try next.
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