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Emily Gutierez

FedEx Tips: Five simple steps to deliver a better customer experience

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Are you looking for ways to deliver better customer service? One of the fastest and easiest ways to do this is to use the shipping process as a competitive advantage to differentiate your company and drive customer satisfaction. Below are five easy ways FedEx can help you deliver a better customer experience to increase your customer satisfaction and profits.

  1. Fulfill orders faster. You can save time and extend your shipment-processing cut off times by using ShipRush, which enables you to ship right from the order-entry screen. Go to fedex.shiprush.com for more information.
  2. Deliver sooner and more reliably. FedEx Ground is faster to more locations than UPS Ground and offersa money-back guarantee*if your package isn’t delivered by the promised date, so you can deliver shipments sooner to more customers.
  3. Provide accurate transit time and rate quotes. Do you or sales and customer service staff ever have to guess about the delivery times and costs? Don’t guess –use the rates and transit feature of ShipRush or the application on fedex.com or go to fedex.com/maps and print and post a copy for quick reference in your sales and customer service areas.
  4. Reach out to them – before they reach out to you! How often do customers call you to ask, “Where is my order?” Avoid the cost of lost time and customer satisfaction for every phone callby sending customers automated email notifications. And if you use a FedEx® signature service, recipients will even receive an automated phone call the day before notifying them of the expected delivery time letting them know it’s on the way.
  5. Avoid delivery problems before they occur. Have you ever entered an address incorrectly and as a result been hit with a bill for an address correction charge or had your shipment delayed as a result? Use the ShipRush address validation or the FedEx® Address Checker to check your addresses prior to shipping, and FedEx will validate your addresses for free as part of the label creation process – enabling you to catch issues prior to shipment, when they can be resolved with a simple email or phone call as opposed to after the problem has occurred.

Start serving your customers better while saving your business money now. To enroll in the Shiprush FedEx Advantage program go to enrolladvantage.fedex.com/4002 and enter passcode ZFBSRW00 if you are not already enrolled in the program.

*The FedEx Ground money-back guarantee applies to deliveries within the U.S. and to brokerage-inclusive shipments to Canada. Restrictions apply. For details, see the FedEx Ground Tariff.
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