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Emily Gutierez

FedEx Offers Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Cash Flow

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Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Cash Flow

Are you looking for ways to improve your cash flow? Ever wondered whether your customers’ payments would arrive in time to make payroll or pay your vendors?

If you’re like many B2B businesses, your billing cycle starts upon delivery to your customer so it’s critical to speed up your fulfillment, shipping and billing processes so you can get paid sooner. Fortunately FedEx offers multiple tools to help you improve your customer service and cash flow.

  1. Fulfill orders faster and more accurately. Do you enter order information in one system and retype it in another system? How long does that take you? You can process orders faster and avoid order-entry mistakes by using ShipRush; a FedEx integrated shipping system, which enables you to ship right from the order-entry screen. Many FedEx customers use this solution to eliminate the need to rekey shipping information thereby helping them to fulfill orders faster. Go to fedex.shiprush.com for more information.
  2. Correctly bill-back shipping charges to the customer. Do you ever have issues with customers being billed incorrectly or not at all for the shipment costs? FedEx offers multiple reference fields which can be used to enter the order number, account number or other information for tracking and billing against – reducing your accounting and customer service headaches greatly. You can even set them as required fields in ShipRush and on fedex.com to eliminate people forgetting to enter them.
  3. Deliver sooner. Leverage the FedEx Ground® transit time enhancements to shave a day or more off the USPS and UPS Ground shipments to many locations. Over the past three years, FedEx Ground has improved transit times for more than half the cities they serve – and as a result, FedEx Ground is faster to more locations than UPS Ground. Go to fedex.com/maps to see just how fast FedEx Ground is from your location. Or use FedEx Express to deliver higher-value shipments across the country overnight and potentially shave several days off delivery times.
  4. Deliver packages in good condition. The proper packaging in conjunction with the advanced FedEx Ground sortation technology will help ensure your products arrive in good condition – minimizing your customer service costs while increasing your repeat business. For guides and a video on proper packaging techniques, go to the How to Pack page at fedex.com/us/service-guide/our-services/package-shipment/index.html .
  5. Minimize delivery disputes. Do you ever have customers complain that they’re being billed for items they’ve never received? Put an end to the argument by including the shipment tracking number in the invoice and providing a proof of delivery so the customer can’t argue that they never received the shipment. FedEx offers free proof of delivery with every shipment to a business or select one of the FedEx® Delivery Signature Options when shipping to a residence so you can show them that they received the shipment.

As a user of ShipRush, you can receive valuable discounts on select FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground shipping services. To enroll in the ShipRush FedEx Advantage program go to enrolladvantage.fedex.com/4002/ and enter passcode ZFBSRW00 if you’re not currently enrolled.
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