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eBay GSP: Global Shipping Platform live in ShipRush!

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Update: We have added documentation on how GSP works in ShipRush.

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eBay has a new system for selling internationally, and it rocks.

Everyone selling on the internet, even if not on eBay, needs to look hard at this important tool for selling internationally. This is the biggest innovation in ecommerce in 2012. eBay calls it Global Shipping Platform, and you want this.

The problem: Selling internationally is a hassle. Payment is flaky (or just plain fraudulent), shipping is a hassle (customs forms, highly variable cost and delivery time, finnicky customers) and making customers consistently happy can be a challenge. Just a few of the beefs the ShipRush team has heard from eBay sellers:

  1. Certain post offices that seem to pilfer electronics (and not just Italy)
  2. Negative feedback from buyers related to shipping
  3. Unexpected high costs of shipping
  4. Getting stuck with paying import duties.... a month or more after the shipment
  5. Unhappy buyers who find that their post office wants a few euros/pesos/pesetas/lira import duty
  6. Damage in transit
  7. Difficulty/impossibility getting insurance on certain international shipments

You get the idea!

The solution: Put a trusted middleman in between U.S. sellers and buyers all over the world. U.S. sellers ship to the U.S. location of this middleman. The middleman takes the shipment internationally either all the way for local delivery abroad, or to a local delivery organization. There is actually more to it. Here are the pieces:

  1. U.S. distribution hub where all shipments are sent to by U.S. sellers
  2. Middleman courier who handles delivery
  3. Brains in the eBay checkout flow to calculate shipping and import duties for international buyers
  4. eBay is using PayPal for payments, so fraud is managed by eBay
  5. ShipRush to print the shipping label (shameless plug, but it's gotta be here somewhere)

The benefits for sellers are many:

  1. No worries about customs forms, import duties or anything else
  2. With a simple checkbox in the eBay listing, your items are magically visible to buyers the world over
  3. eBay has great visibility into the shipment
  4. Sellers ship as a domestic shipment, and can recover the shipping cost as part of the shipping cost paid by the buyer

How do you get going on GSP:

  1. Enroll as a seller (if you don't have this option, contact your eBay account manager and ask for it!)
  2. Enable GSP on your items
  3. Use ShipRush or another GSP enabled tool to ship your items.

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ShipRush v9.6 with My.ShipRush automatically routes GSP sales to the U.S. distribution center.

Look at everything that gets automated when you use GSP:

  1. Customs paperwork
  2. Import duties
  3. Selection of international carrier for your item (no matter what size/weight it is)
  4. Calculation of international shipping cost
  5. Shipment tracking

To you and your GSP-enabled shipping system, the shipment is just a plain old domestic shipment. Use any shipping carrier to make the shipment. Use your existing business rules for U.S. shipping. GSP does all the hairy stuff for you.

Note! Only ShipRush v9.6 with My.ShipRush is GSP compatible. Be sure your shipping system is GSP enabled before selling with GSP!

Some Links:

Closing Words:

I encourage all ecommerce sellers, whether or not you are actively selling on eBay, to put some of your inventory on eBay for GSP exposure. This is a terrific new tool to "bring the world to your doorstep."

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