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Choices, choices. What cart system to use? Opencart, or Prestashop, or Magento?

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This is not an easy question.

Every day, ecommerce merchants ask the ShipRush team: What cart system should I use?

Either they are setting up a new cart (for a new business, or for the first time after selling on marketplaces), or they are unhappy with the cart they have and want to change.

The answer?

We can't really tell. We don't know enough about the needs of a specific business. Often, the right cart really boils down to:

- What are the specific requirements and skills of the e-business
- What are the specific strengths of an ecommerce system

A business with webmaster & development skills can do more than a business without.

A business with specific customization requirements will have specific needs in a cart system.

There is no single answer.

That said, here is one way of looking at these three carts: Popularity and market share. Boney at Webnet (http://www.webnethosting.net/prestas...n-infographic/) shared this with us:

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