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PayPal and eBay: How to Manage Off-eBay Sales?

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A question that comes up: You sell %90 on eBay, and %10 off eBay. When you set up ShipRush to get your PayPal feed, it duplicates a lot of the data in the eBay feed.

How to easily see just the off-eBay sales? (Since all the eBay sales are clearly visible in the eBay folder in Order Manager.)

The question is a very good one. It is something that has been discussed here under ZF Case 15170.
One of the problems is that the eBay and PayPal systems are very messy in how they "refer" to each other. The data feeds are not easy to reconcile.

And clearly, a mistake in reconciliation would be a problem!

The cleanest answer is: Set up a 2nd PayPal account. Use one PayPal account for eBay xactions, and the 2nd PayPal account for the off-eBay xactions.

Then ShipRush can give you a super clean feed of each.

Discuss this topic here.
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