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QuickBooks Online: Now supported!

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ShipRush now integrates with QuickBooks Online!

ShipRush automatically imports invoices and sales receipts. There are several "save to QuickBooks" options so you can save the tracking number where you want it, and even add the shipment cost to the invoice!

Get ShipRush here:

FedEx shipping: http://fedex.shiprush.com

Discount postage: http://discountpostage.shiprush.com/ ($29.95/month after free 60 day trial)

Postal shipping without postage: http://shiprush.com/usps (use your own postage meter to add postage)

Thank you for using ShipRush!

Updated 08-02-2015 at 12:41 PM by SYSOPP

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  1. pecanshop's Avatar
    I am happy you do quickbooks online. I have set up my quickbooks online webstore at my.shiprush.com, and it says it is retrieving orders.
    I have an invoice I want to generate a shipping label for, but I do not know how to tell it to send the invoice to shiprush.
    It was already in quickbooks when I connected shiprush. Do I just need to make a new invoice and it will get all future ones?
    I might like to have control over when an invoice is ready to be sent to shiprush for shipping.
  2. pecanshop's Avatar
    I went to copy and paste the address from the invoice manually into my current shipping provider or shiprush and the shipment HAS come into shiprush from Quickbooks online. I did push buttons but I don't know if it came in automatically or not. Please clarify how it works.
  3. dh9226542's Avatar
    Congratulation ShipRush. Quickbooks is very good Accounting Software in Usa. I also Using quickbooks last 2 years. Now I am using Quicbkooks Enterprise 2016.