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ShipRush SDK Newsletter: Scaling for Throughput, SmartPost...

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This newsletter for all ShipRush developers... SOAP, ActiveX, Browser Plugin, etc. Skip to the news you can use!

Newly Documented: Scaling ShipRush SOAP for Throughput:

  • Need more labels per minute? Use a free, open source (but easy to use!) load balancer with ShipRush. Click here for the diagram.
  • In our testing, three instances gave 2.25 the throughput of a single instance. (Our benchmark, single system, was running 20 labels/minute for UPS Ground labels, which went up to 45 labels/minute with three small VMs running ShipRush.)
  • See the latest SDK docs for the full write up, sample Nginx config file, and more!
  • Check with ShipRush sales for licensing details.

FedEx SmartPost Alert

  • In 2013, there were rumblings from FedEx: All systems older than a year or so would be required to upgrade to use SmartPost.
  • The deadline came and went... no one cared....
  • However FedEx has started caring! ShipRush v10.x must be used where SmartPost labels are being printed.
  • In some cases, it may even be necessary to use ShipRush v10.x AND to delete and re-add the FedEx account.
  • How to tell if your system is printing the old, obsolete, SmartPost label? Look at the large bar code in the middle (not the bottom bar code). If it begins with the digits: 420 then it is an old, pre-IMpb bar code.
  • If the old bar code is in use, ShipRush must be upgraded.

FedEx One Rate Is Coming

  • Support for FedEx One Rate is in development for ShipRush v11.

New Tools for Web Developers

  • ShipRush has new tools for web developers. Contact ShipRush sales.

Hook ShipRush Order Manager to Your System

  • The quickest path to a rich, batch-enabled shipping system (ShipRush Order Manager): Hook to the My.ShipRush platform as a "target" ecommerce system.
  • To evaluate, look at the videos for ShipRush for eBay and Amazon. The ShipRush you see there could hook to your application, freeing you from label printing and other shipping functionality.
  • Sample connectors available in PHP. Easily adapted to .NET, Java and other languages.
  • ShipRush Order Manager integrates, out of the box, with 25+ ecommerce blocks.

DHL Global Mail Support: Available Now

  • The ShipRush SDK supports DHL Global Mail for US Domestic shipping.

ShipRush Browser Plugin Note: Protocol

  • Which to use? nntp:// or shiprush:// ? Changes to browser in 2013 and 2014 limit your options. We suggest testing in one browser, and instructing users to use that browser.

Current Builds

  • ShipRush: (ActiveX, SOAP Server, Desktop app)
  • ShipRush SDK docs & sample apps:
  • ShipRush Browser Plugin docs:

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