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Honey, Don't Shrink the Labels. Please!

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Pop Quiz: You sell chocolate bars. Each bar weighs 4 oz, and measures 5" tall x 2.5" wide by 1/3" thick.

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Naturally, you ship them first class. It costs $1.92 (at today's postage rates) for a 4 oz parcel. But hey, these are organic, hand-picked-by-middle-class-farmer, sustainable, eco-friendly cacao beans. Each bar comes in a hand painted wrapper that is a one-off, unique work of art.

Suitable for framing.

This is an $18 chocolate bar.

A buck-ninety in postage is no big deal.

You sell em on a few ecommerce web sites, including your very own Zen Cart site.

And then you print the shipping label.

And the label with bar code and all that is 6" tall and 4" wide.

How do you stick that on a chocolate bar that is only 2.5" wide?

Ahhh, you shrink it!

Using PDF software or other tricks, you shrink the printed label so it fits on the bar.

And life is good.

You know what? It usually works OK too. The post office doesn't seem to care. They deliver em fine.

Yes, but the post office also will deliver unwrapped bones (a deer tibia, if you must know)

The real answer is: Please do not shrink your labels. The labels print exactly to the postal service specifications. The font sizes and the rest need to be the size they are.

Ina Steiner has written the full story.
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