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Yes, Virginia, you sell on eBay? You need ShipRush

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How do you put $13.15 on a package without ShipRush?

With postage stamps.

There are a few layers here, so let's work this all out.

Without a shipping system like ShipRush, you can spend too much on shipping.

  1. You have to know the postage tables well
  2. It takes time to work out the rate for each shipment
  3. How are you going to easily calculate the zone for the shipment?

Not to mention the time you will spend going to the post office (and licking stamps -- twenty one of them!).

But there is more.

  1. ShipRush works out zones automatically
  2. ShipRush gives discounted postage, less than you can get at the post office, less than usps.com, less than Stamps.com
  3. ShipRush checks the address, and catches missing apartment numbers automatically
  4. ShipRush adds Zip+4 automatically
  5. ShipRush sends the tracking numbers to eBay automatically

In this case, the shipper went to the post office, handed over the box, got a Delivery Confirmation sticker, and then hand typed that Delivery Confirmation number into eBay.

First, what are we talking about?

We are talking about a Top Rated Plus seller:

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Who spent $13.15 to ship this box to me.

Actually, I am not sure the value of those F stamps. Wait, it is $0.29 (thank you Stamps.com web site) OK, that makes, at my count, $13.73 of postage on this package.

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But that does not even appear on the rate chart. For a Zone 1 shipment, that would cover 13 or 14 lbs.

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But wait, this is not a zone 4 shipment. This is a zone 1 shipment. OK, forget the zone, I clearly have no idea what rate the shipper intended. And it is only 5 lbs.

So, looking at the chart, the retail rate is $8.95 for this shipment.

And this same shipment in ShipRush is $5.35. (Thank you ShipRush Discount Postage!)

ShipRush is:

  • Less than half what the shipper paid
  • No trip to the post office
  • No typing confirmation numbers (they are sent to eBay automatically)

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If you know any shippers who use postage stamps, a postage meter, or generally work by hand... help them out. Tell them about ShipRush.

Updated 07-21-2015 at 05:49 PM by Rafael Zimberoff

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