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Return Labels in ShipRush: Print em, email em, save em....

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New in ShipRush: Lots of postal return options!

Prepaid return labels: You pay for the postage now (whether the label is used or not). Use this when you are certain (or nearly certain) that the label will actually be used.

Pay on use: These labels you just hand out, like candy. You only pay for the labels that are actually used to return something to you. (More info)

In all the above cases, the customer/buyer needs to get the box to the post office (mailbox, etc.). Then the box moves back to you.

(ShipRush FedEx and ShipRush UPS offer Call Tags, which actually send a driver out to your buyer to pick up the package -- Note the additional fee can be $4-8 for this kind of service.)

Automatic Returns let you automatically generate one of these return labels for every outbound shipment.

We always say that ShipRush is great for shipping, but it does returns rather well. (Yes, you could say that ShipRush goes both ways.)

Note that for certain return features related to postage are premium features.

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  1. seanchro's Avatar
    Did ShipRush change criteria for the Premium status? We had not changed anything to our account recently but noticed that we now have the Pre-Paid return option available.