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What is New in ShipRush v11 -- v11.0.8.4014 -- Part 1

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ShipRush v11.0.8.4014 is out (download it here). Some of the new features and enhancements (this is a partial list; I will try to make a part 2 in a few days).


- Peachtree 2016 Support

UPS Shippers:

- New "Direct Deliver" option, prevents recipients from using the ups.com site to redirect a package to a different address.

ShipRush Endicia:

- Address lengths greatly increased for most labels
- Improvements to address data flow to CN22 labels
- DHL Global Mail Packet Pluss support
- Extensive APO related enhancements
- Extensive CN22 and CP72 enhancements (new continuation pages, and more)

Thank you for using ShipRush!

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