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Prepare for Crunch Time: Get A Spare Printer

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Whether you use ShipRush Desktop or Web.... there is one great thing to do.

Especially if you have a single shipping station, and/or a single Zebra printer.

Get a spare printer.

Here is why:

1) If you use a 2844 printer model, replace it now with a ZP model. (Do you know how old and unsupported that 2844 is? Replace it before it burns up.... and then sell it on eBay)

2) A spare printer lets you set up a spare shipping station.

3) A spare printer lets you have peak volume, and if the print head in your main printer starts to fade, you are ready.

4) Swap in the new printer as your main printer, and keep your old one as a spare (but not if the old one is a 2844.... 2844's should be sent to pasture)

And the price is modest. $200-300, delivered.

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