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ShipRush USPS: Doesn't print postage? Is it useful?

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Background: You went to www.shiprush.com/usps, downloaded and tried it, and now ask: If I have to use postage stamps, what is the value here?

Let's back up for a minute.

First, remember that ShipRush USPS is free. Completely free.

That isn't an excuse, it is just a way of saying "don't get ruffled if it is not perfect for you."

That said, many hundreds of shippers use it. Why? How?

For low volume sites, postage stamps are fine. ShipRush USPS prints the postage amount on the label. If you just do a few shipments a week, ShipRush USPS saves time because it puts track #'s back into ecommerce automatically and all that.

If you are low volume and have a postage meter: Then it makes sense to use ShipRush USPS instead of paying a monthly fee for a postage account.

ShipRush USPS is great for:

- APO/FPO shipping, because it prints customs forms
- First Class International (aka FCMI): ditto
- Generic address labels with a unique track #
- Printing labels for shipments that will be taken personally to the post office
- Using ShipRush Order Manager
- Trying out ShipRush if you lack a shipping account, and just want to experience how it works
- Learning and training on ShipRush (without any risk of incurring charges)

There you have it!