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Not on the list? Here is the latest ShipRush Newsletter

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Read the full newsletter here. The main news:

And now, QuickBooks:

  • ShipRush and ShipRush Web have greatly expanded support for QuickBooks.
  • Single & Batch shipping against QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Desktop & QuickBooks Online supported
  • Advanced "write back" to QuickBooks, including true line item with shipping charges
  • ShipRush connects to QuickBooks even when QuickBooks is not on the same machine (or in the same city!)
  • All shipping carriers supported!
  • Full side-by-side rate shopping (in ShipRush Web)

See a video, see it in action, look at the docs, or try ShipRush!

And now, the news: New Features & Fixes

  • New! Manual order entry. Enter orders by hand
  • -- Clone order & clone shipment
  • -- Partial ship using Clone order & Edit order features
  • Auto-ship presets (yes, we mentioned these last time)
  • New! FedEx International Returns now supported
  • New! Globegistics consolidator support
  • New! Stripe payment system now supported
  • New! Handshake, Mijocart & Craftcommerce supported
  • Improvements for Canada based shippers
  • Drupal & Woocommerce enhancements
  • Long list of ClearPath improvements, including new "pattern match" catalog feature
  • 3dcart v2 API now in use
  • Improved multi-order-select on tablets
  • For carts: Set the "open order" URL by cart in Settings
  • QuickBooks: Auto create shipments as COD

See the prior newsletter: http://www.icontact-archive.com/kmVH...6dDVnsLSPE?w=3
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